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Read below about the Matching Funds Challenge!
Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund 
Learn about the purpose, history, how you can give, and much more on this page

An Introduction from Pastor Keenan Roberts


This page is dedicated to the remarkable life and ministry of my Dad, Jerry R. Roberts and our family's desire to carry on his heart for ministry to Spanish speaking people. It is an honor for our church to host this page! Below you will find the explanation about the purpose of the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund and how it will function. We also believe you'll enjoy reading numerous other features and of course, don't miss the photo gallery of Dad and Mom, their ministry and our family. 


After living a beautiful Christian life, last year the sun set on his earthly journey. Following 79 years of making his mark on our family as well as people around the world, on April 25th, 2020 Dad entered into his eternal rest. We have created this page to further his legacy and continue his passion for Spanish speaking people being touched with the Good News of Jesus! We would love for you to be a part of that!


For those of you that knew he and my mother, you are likely aware that their last 30 years in ministry were spent ministering to Hispanic people both in the US and Latin America. The desire of our family is that you would honor his life and ministry by making a contribution to the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund. Every contribution made to this Fund can potentially bless Hispanic churches, projects, ministers, ministries and missionaries that are reaching Spanish speaking people both in the US and other parts of the world--all in memory of Jerry Roberts! He would be so proud and any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!  


Finally, on this page you can learn more about his ministry journey! He had quite the ministry adventure throughout his 60+ years of preaching and teaching! We encourage you to read, enjoy the photos, read what other dear friends have written about him and also access audio sermons he preached by visiting his YouTube channel.


Thank you for dropping in and showing interest in this Memorial page and learning about our Vision to keep Dad's Hispanic flame alive. God bless you and please reach out to us if you have any questions.


A Proud Son

Pastor Keenan Roberts


How It Will Work


All contributions to the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund will be given through and accounted for by New Destiny Christian Center. JRMF Executive Director will be Mamie Roberts. All decisions and how donations will bless various Hispanic ministries will begin with her, Jerry's wife and ministry partner of nearly 60 years. THE JRMF will also be jointly managed by 2 of Jerry’s children (Keenan Roberts, and Stefanie Howard) and his 4 grandsons (Jade Roberts, Zakary Howard, Nicolas Howard, and Blaze Roberts.) In essence, this “Family Board” will work together on how and where donations and financial blessings will be sent.  


How you can give

Online Giving

You can access the Online Giving that New Destiny Christian Center has available by clicking here. This link is specifically to the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund. You can fill in your debit or credit card information, decide on the amount and click Submit. If you access New Destiny's Online Giving from another location, the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund is available as one of the options on the drop-down menu. All donations are tax-deductible.


Traditional Mail

If you'd like to use traditional mail please send your donation to: 

New Destiny Christian Center

Attn: JRMF

80 Pear Lake Way

Erie, Colorado, 80516. 

If you are including a check in what you are sending please make the check out to New Destiny Christian Center and write JRMF on the memo line.

Updates & Communication
As the Fund begins to receive contributions and be a blessing to Hispanic ministry we will be updating the JRMF web page with testimonies and photos of how these dollars are making an impact. This way, if you have been praying and/or giving, you will know the names, faces and stories of the JRMF!  This is an ideal way for supporters to be able to check in and get updates on what is happening and how Funds are being dispersed and who they are blessing. 
We will also post periodic updates on this web page regarding the overall financial activity and growth of the JRMF. Updates will also be posted to the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund Facebook Group.
JRMF on Facebook

Another great way for you to stay updated on JRMF activity, news, photos and testimonies is to join the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund Facebook Group. To send us a request to join this Facebook Group please click HERE.

Ministry History of Jerry & Mamie


Jerry left home as a teenager and took his last two years of high school via correspondence so that he could begin to travel and preach as a young evangelist. While he was on the Evangelistic field he held a revival meeting in Roswell, NM in the home church of Mamie Fulkerson. In 1961 they married and were a dynamic couple for nearly 6 decades! (They celebrated 58 Anniversaries together!)


From 1964 to 1989 they Pastored wonderful Assemblies of God churches in:

Clayton, NM

Plainview, TX

Lubbock, TX

Tucson, AZ


In 1989 they answered the Call to Missions and moved to Latin America to begin language school in San Jose, Costa Rica. At nearly 50 years old they defied the odds, facing the immense challenge of learning Spanish at that age. This began a 30 year love affair with reaching Hispanic people with the Gospel.


Throughout their many years in Latin America Jerry served as the Assemblies of God Area Director for Central (Latin) America, served as the Director of the Language School in San Jose’, Costa Rica, helped build churches, poured into fellow missionaries, raised up national pastors and leaders, worked with Latin American Child Care and preached thousands of times in Spanish. All with his Sweetheart deeply immersed in the ministry with him. 


Once Jerry and Mamie moved back to the States they made their home in the Phoenix area and continued to work closely with the Southwest District of the Assemblies of God which serves Hispanic speaking Pastors and churches. They enthusiastically served together as the Directors of Pastoral Care for the Southwest District until the time of his passing. Mamie continues to give support to Pastoral Care in the Southwest District whenever she is needed.


Mamie still resides in the Phoenix area and continues to be very involved in a variety of ministry endeavors as well as spending time with her family in AZ, CO, and NM. 


Contact Mamie or Pastor Keenan


Mamie Roberts

Cell: 623.217.3356


Mamie's Facebook Page


Keenan Roberts

Cell: 303.717.4808


Pastor Keenan Roberts Facebook Page


Jerry Roberts Youtube Sermons and Writings


Just below this paragraph you will find the link to the Jerry Roberts YouTube channel. This channel contains YouTubes of the audio of several sermons he preached, most of which are in English. Throughout his ministry he preached thousands of times in both English and Spanish. We hope these Messages are a blessing and inspiration to you! They are a great treasure as they contain his stately style, powerful biblical content and unmistakeable voice.

Jerry Roberts Youtube Channel



               Double Your Giving!

                      Details Of The Matching Funds Challenge


Our Family is so delighted to share with you that an anonymous Donor has created a  MATCHING FUNDS CHALLENGE to benefit the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund! The Donor is wanting to inspire you to get involved in giving and supporting ministry to Spanish speaking people!

From June 2021 through May 2022 the anonymous Donor will match up to $1000 each month of the Challenge. If $800 comes in for a particular month they will match it! If $500 comes in for a different month they will match it. Our family would love for you to pray about joining the Challenge and making a monthly commitment to give to the JRMF! If you give $25/month the Donor turns your gift into $50/month. If you give $50/month the Donor turns your gift into $100/month. The collective potential for the year is a combined $24,000 for building the Kingdom and blessing ministry that is touching Spanish speaking people.

The Donor has also put several guidelines in place to hopefully ignite giving from numerous people, places and churches. One of the stipulations is that the immediate Roberts Family cannot exceed more than 50% of a particular month's match amount. This design is intended to help the Roberts Family not bear most of the burden of giving but to inspire others to give each of the 12 months of the Challenge and help carry the financial load! It's a beautiful plan. 

Would you consider joining the 12 Month Challenge? If so, here’s your next steps:

CLICK HERE to sign up and fill out your information. You will be asked to include your name and monthly amount so we know how the 12 Month Challenge is progressing and growing. This will put you on our list of monthly supporters of the JRMF whose donations are being doubled up to a collective $1000. The list of supporters will be private and the general public will not see your name or any of your information. When you hit "submit" it is immediately and privately emailed to Pastor Keenan.

If you would like to start your giving right now, click on the following link to make a donation through the online giving portal of New Destiny Christian Center. Select Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund from the drop down menu. (Keenan Roberts is the Lead Pastor at New Destiny.)  

You can set up your giving through your bank account or card and you’ll have the option to make it an automatic recurring donation each month. That means once you have it set you don't have to worry about it any longer and your contribution to the JRMF will happen happen each month on the date of your choice.

You can also send your one-time or monthly donations through the mail to:

New Destiny Christian Center

Attention: JRMF

80 Pear Lake Way

Erie, CO, 80516

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your giving will go to the JRMF.

Please feel free to call or text Pastor Keenan Roberts with any questions at 303.717.4808 or Mamie Roberts at 623.217.3356.

From the entire family and on behalf of the Jerry Roberts Memorial Fund we sincerely thank you and pray God’s richest blessings on you! Let’s see what God does with the MATCHING FUNDS CHALLENGE!

Ephesians 3:20
“Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask, think or imagine.”

Personal Reflections About Jerry From Ministry Friends
Doug Peterson
Emilio De La Cruz
Byron Klaus
Click their photo to read their reflections
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