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We have a 5-fold stated purpose:







Everything we do at NDCC falls under at least one of these headings, and many times, more than one of them.

New Destiny Christian Center is a Spirit-filled, family church devoted to connecting people to God and each other so that they might fulfill God's ultimate plan and destiny for their lives.

What does destiny mean in a spiritual context? We define it as “The God Plan” for our lives. We believe that this is what we all need to pursue and discover--what God has for us--because that is the place of greatest joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

As a church, this is what we want for every person: to enjoy a personal relationship with God through His one and only Son, Jesus, and that each of us would be fulfilling our destiny! Let’s do that together at New Destiny Christian Center as a dynamic, Spirit-filled church!

The national Assemblies of God Core Doctrines contains a thorough explanation of our church Core Doctrines:

Got questions?

Have a question about what we believe at New Destiny? Get in touch with a person on our lead team directly by clicking the button below.

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