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We love impacting kids at New Destiny! Everyone should receive spiritual enrichment in their life, at whatever age they may be -- including kids! Much of our ministry to children takes place on Sunday mornings in the various ways that are listed below. We will also be putting together special outings and fun activities for kids around the Denver area. If you’re not already attending NDCC we would love the opportunity to connect with your kids!

Do you have a nursery

Our Nursery is for children from birth through 3 years of age. The Nursery is conveniently located just outside of the Sanctuary, and has a look-in window to assist parents anytime they would like to “look in” on how their child is doing. The space is filled with many toys to entertain the kids and features a private restroom available only for the Nursery.

What do you have if my child is between 3 - 5 years old

Seedlings takes place each Sunday during our Worship Celebration for children ages 4 & 5. 3 year olds who are ready for a more advanced class can also attend Seedlings. Bible learning, music, crafts and fun are specifically geared for this wonderful age group. We also have a wonderful playground the children can enjoy when the weather is nice.

What do you have for 1st to 5th graders

KIDS Church takes place each Sunday during our Worship Celebration for children in first grade through 5th grade. Exciting Bible learning, interactive games, crafts, skits, kid's praise and worship and much more are utilized by our KIDS Church team to make it fun and engaging.

What a joy it is to see our children entering into the presence of God through interactive worship geared just for them!

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